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December 19, 2012
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It was morning. You didn't want it to be...there was school and you had gotten no sleep.
"___-chan, it's time to go! Hurry, you'll be late for class!"
Your room mate called out.
But you weren't going to go to class today.  It wasn't your thing to skip class, but today was going to be different.
"'re taking too long! You can drive yourself to school!"
Your roommate left you alone.
You hopped out of bed and showered, deciding you'd hit a party would be the first you'd ever been to, and a party would be much more fun than grueling first-year college classes.
You go on your way. Your car took ages to start.
"Ah, here it is..."
A local, and well renowned pub.
As you walk in you immediately notice a man with glasses mocking a frail looking boy.
"Come on, brah! You can't even TRY to hold your liquor?"
"I-I'd rather not just isn't my thing..." The frail boy shuttered.
The stronger looking man knocked him on the back of the head.
"Pussy! Come on bro! You're acting like a freakin' dumbass!"
The stronger one looked irritated and bored by the curly haired boy.
"Hey! Leave him alone!"
You interjected.
The man looked at you.
"If he doesn't want to drink, he doesn't have to!"
He tilted his head, walking up to you. You got stiff.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"I'm ____! And the way you are treating him isn't right!"
He didn't say anything. The frail boy looked at you, smiling.
"T-thank you...I-I'm Canada...I-it's very nice to meet you..."
"Oh hello there!"
You smile gently.
"Would you like to come hang out with me instead of this...jerk?"
Canada's eyes brightened.
"S-sure...and this is my brother...America."
"Real asshole, isn't he?"
Canada stood silently with wide eyes.
"Oh, you're scared of him...okay. Lets get going there, Canada."
You smiled and took his hand.
"You shouldn't have to be afraid of your own brother."
You two started towards the city.
"Hey..,where are we going...?"
Canada looked at you, apparently concerned.
"I'm honestly not sure." You admitted.
You two walked to a nearby park.
"Is this okay? I just wanted to get you out of there." You smiled at him.
"T-this is great."
He said, and began to whisper "it's almost like a date."
He didn't think you had heard, but you did, loud in clear. A blush covered your face.
"Hey, my favorite are the swings...want to?"
You two walked over; you noticed that he was blushing too.
The swings were vacant due to the cold weather, and it was all to clear that neither of you minded being alone.
"Canada." You were steeping out on a limb...
"May I ask if you have a girlfriend?"
His eyes grew wide and beaded at you. "No...I don't. But I don't think America would be very happy if I had one before him..." Canada look downhearted.
"Well screw him! Why don't you be happy if you like someone? It's unfair! You're much nicer and a better person than him!"
He turned so red you thought he might cry.
"Well, I think you're the only girl I kno-"
"Then go out with me"
You cut him off, but it was okay; the smile you saw when you saved him from America reappeared, but stronger, more violent.
"I-I think I will!" Canada declared, boasting his newfound, and quite short-lived confidence.
"That, if you were serious..."
"Dead serious. " you leaned over from your seat and held to him. "
You were glad you skipped school.
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