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January 6, 2013
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It was your turn. You had heard so much about these parties for seven minutes in heaven, and people were running out to be with, so you were there today;the room was still packed.

"Hey man, you're just in time! I'm glad you made it! Otherwise we would've had to cancel!" America shook your hand and hugged you. "Yeah man, rock out! You better get ready for a good time, and help yourself to our food! France helped! Just stay away from the crumpets man, you might throw up..." America waved and walked away.

You walked over to the punch bowl and waited for the party to start, snacking on some Oreos. America walked in front of the congregation and waved his hand.

"Hey guys! It's time! Stop shoving your faces with food and get y'all's asses over here!" He winked to you and gave you a thumbs up. "Ready, ___? It gets awkward at times..." America wrapped his arm around you and nudged you. "B prepared for whomever ya get!"

The whole party was around the table, awaiting you to choose. You reached your hand in, and pulled out a carved piece of furniture, one for a doll house.

"Dude, that's not a name..." America looked around. Sweden walked forward.

"'s me. " Sweden walked over to you and simply placed his hand on your shoulder, removed it, and walked to the closet. You looked at him and followed. You knew he was odd, but not like this. Did he talk? Once you were in the closet, he shut the door and turned on the light, sitting tightly and compact, staying entirely silent.

"So, is it true you like Finland? I-I don't want to ruin anything for you.." He suddenly looked at you in shock, making a loud grunting noise, then quickly shifted back into his original position.

"W-well I suppose you don't want to share then...I'm sorry."

" are okay. It is not private. Yes, I liked him at one point...I don't know why. There must've been something wrong with me...because I really liked this girl, but she didn't even know me....I suppose I covered up my love by doing something inane like loving Finland. I guess it was because I felt hopeless, I was willing to have anyone's love...even the controversial...a boy. "

"O-oh...well, why didn't you get to know the girl?" You felt bad for him.

"She was too sweet...too beautiful for me...she would reject me..."

"How do you know if you never tried? Sometimes, trying is the most important part. If you never try,you never know..." You reached out to his chin, lifting it up so that his eyes met yours.  "I bet shed find you lovely, try next time you see her, ok?" You looked deep into his eyes, commanding him to do so.

"So...I should tell you" Sweden continued his gaze to you.

"Of course you- wait...m-me!?" Your whole body immediately felt hot.

"I told you she wouldn't accept me..." You slapped him.

"Listen! I wasn't saying that at all! I like you too! I was shocked! I didn't realize that you felt that way! Everyone deserves love! And you're no acceptation...I would love for you to love me..." You held his cheek where you slapped. "I-I'm sorry I slapped you.."

His eyes were wide, his jaw hung open. "Y-you mean it..."

"100 percent...give me a've wanted to for a while now...I think it'll work out..." You hugged him tight.

"I will...ill never let you go...never. No matter what happens...through fire, hail or rain...I'm grateful..." He moved his lips to the side of your mouth, pressing them, kissing them. His hands In your hair. "I've loved you for a long time, ____."  The door opened.

"No matter how many of these we have, I'll never get used to opening my closet door and seeing people making out, man....okay, get out..." America shooed you two out.
A lot of people wanted this...
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for real, I accidently clicked on this one and was like, holy shit, did i seriously...... got to reading it and was like, oh- ohhhhh.... okay, this is actually really good... no bieber. hehehe
Emiliah368 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Me too. I was about to :icontableflipplz: if it did have anything to do with Justin Bieber.
sayaikari Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
You are not the only oneLovely Shoujo (Aaaaah Nooo) [V3] 
icespark1298 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
Sweden is bisexual and you all love it :3
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Sve San is soooo ~ sweet xD
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