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June 27, 2013
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Finally, your own place, your own furniture, your own car. You'd been longing this for such a time that you thought nothing could go wrong now.

Upon unloading your belongings into your pre-used house, you heard a loud crackle under your foot.
Glass? A trail of glass, actually...
you followed it to the back door, which was open.

"Hello?" You surveyed the back yard, upon doing this, you noticed to adolescents scurrying off, shattering beer bottles and silly stringing your yard.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, Bitch!" The two kids got away. You tried to not let it get to you. (So much for nothing going wrong, though.)
Besides, you left the back door unlocked, you were practically asking for some jerks to come in. You cleaned up the glass, and this time, locked the back door.

That night, you managed to unpack the majority of your things. But not in peace. You kept hearing laughter. It must've been from those damned kids. if they persisted, you'd waste no more time, and alert the police.

But it was a hard thing to prove, after all, you had already cleaned up the mess, and the laughs...they seemed to be near you...As though they were inside your own head.  You dismissed your absurd thought as nothing more than anxiety and the fear of being on your own for the first time in your life.

You rested your body in your own bed, placed your hand on your own pillow, and, quite pleased, closed your eyes. You started to drift into sleep, your lips curling into a smile. Purely and for once in your life, content.

But it came again. The laughing. Sharp, painful, stinging, even...The laughs seemed to literally pierce your ears. You jolted from the bed, running to the bathroom.
Just as you expected, your ears were bleeding. What the hell was going on?

You cleaned your ears and looked up some causes for bleeding ear and hearing odd noises: Ruptured Eardrum, Ear Infection, Blood Pressure, Menieres  Syndrome...
Okay, It could just be an infection. You'd be okay. You cleaned up the blood and headed back to the bed.

But now you couldn't sleep. You needed to admit it, you were scared. But you honestly didn't even know of what...You eventually dozed off, waking up to all your kitchen chairs setting in your room, and your clothes strewn across the wall, being held up with tacks, which you had left in an unopened box.

"W-What...?" Had you done this in some sort of odd fit in your sleep? You began to clean your room, but you noticed that as soon as you would move something, it would move itself right back to where it had been.

"That is enough!! I'm so sick of this!" You threw your fist through a wall. But it wasn't your fist at all...It was a body. A body just crashed through your wall. But where was the visible body? There was nothing there.

"H-hello?" You knew it was absolutely ridiculous to be talking to this invisible...thing, but you felt like you had to.

"Caught me, huh? e-heheheh." Rising upward, like static, a tall, lanky body began to appear. Black and white stripes, fur, a ringed-cone nose, ragged hair and black-singed eyes. What was he? Some sort of horror-movie clown?

"What are you..." Stepping backwards, you felt your heart begin to race.

"Why does that matter?" He picked himself up from the ground and approached you. His abnormally long fingers reaching for your trembling lips. "Shhhh." His pale face cracked into a smile. "Don't be afraid." He gave out that laugh you'd been hearing. Your eyes grew wide, your thoughts running rapidly. What was he about to do to you? What even...was he? Was he responsible for those children?
Request from my wife, :iconinnocenzo: it's no good but I TRIED
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So funny
moustache1719 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
VoiceUnheard98 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh, please, this is super awesome! I didn't see not one flaw, and it's soooo detailed and realistic! You're awesome!
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Part one I can't find it D:
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