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July 9, 2013
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You stared in horror. He seemed supernatural and grotesque, pleased even, by your fear. You backed away from him...He'd grown so near to you, approaching you so nonchalantly as if he'd known you for ages.

"Don't remember be, huh? Well that makes sense, it was so long ago after all..." He tuned his head away, but holding his glare on you, giving that sinister smile.

"Remember you? What are you talking about you creep?" You'd reached the limit. You were against the wall and there was no where safe to go. And he continued to approach, looking less pleased...much less pleased. He was, once again, right in front of you. Nearly pressing his body against you, he spoke again.

"We were best friends... his mouth was pressed to your ear, his hand in your hair. His mouth arched into a smile once more, you could feel his skin move against yours, his lips changing against your own skin. You wanted him off, but it isn't like you could were disturbed and entirely clueless of how to react.

"B-best friends? I've never seen you in my life." You wished you could back away farther, you wanted him off of you, you wanted his skin off of your own. He was a cold, pale, empty...thing. And you knew you'd never seen him before.

"You honestly don't remember?" He chuckled. Apparently you were forgetting something important...or was he just messing with you?
"Well then...perhaps I can help you remember..." He backed away.
"When you were three years old..." He said, walking to the door, locking it and leaning against it.
"You were taken to the movies to see Toy Story...You wanted pop corn but your father didn't have the money...I got it for you and told you to tell your father the tender gave it to you because you asked..." He looked down, the smile appearing larger than before.

"When you were were playing in a fort with your mother...but you got scared when she left to use the restroom. So you tried to run after her and got lost...I came and carried you home, also giving you that teddy bear that's lying on your bed...your house was Twenty-three miles away...I walked that...For you..." Sure enough, that teddy bear struck a match of memories in your mind.

"Should I...Continue?" He approached you once more, placing his Hand on your face.

"No need...I remember...I...I have no idea how I forgot...But why did you come back? And why are you tormenting me...?" He whipped away from you. His pleasure and his smile entirely absent from him.

"Why? Why?? Is that really your question?" His coldness turned into heated rage. He slammed his hand against the wall..."Why the hell do you think? You've moved on without me. And until you can appreciate the services I presented to you for the first thirteen years of your life, I will continue this so called "Torment"." Just then, he withdrew himself from your sight.

"W-What the hell now...How do I show appreciation..." You rested yourself back on the bed, tears streaming down your cheeks. "How the hell..."
For my dear :iconinnocenzo: <3

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